About CryptoFights

CryptoFights is a player vs player turn-based combat game with influences from the popular board game D&D.

  • Gamers will have the chance to switch out weapons and armor for tons of customization and different builds. There will be all kinds of different classes as well as different strengths and weaknesses for each class so choose wisely!

  • Fighting a match is heavily based on dice rolls to introduce some element of luck and randomness to both players. The first round there is an initiative roll to see who goes first.

  • All weapons and armor are owned by the player with security from the Ethereum blockchain. Using the Enjin wallet you can manage these game items easily. Buy, Sell, and Trade with friends.

  • Players will enter 1vs1 cash tournaments to compete for prize pools. Take your time playing our game to the bank.

  • Deep strategy on configuring your character with weapons, armor, and skill trees.