Announcement for MFT Holders

The founder weapons are going to be sent to the holders of CryptoFights MFT this week!


Finally! #cryptofights :sunglasses:

Announcing What?

lets hurry hurry up… :joy::joy:

Looking forward to seeing the items in my wallet…

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Oh I hope I may still be awarded an MFT someday, I will try to prove myself worthy. :sunglasses:
I actually joined the community on telegram along time ago but took a few months off so I misse a lot over that time.:sweat_smile:
Everything is looking good though👍

Founders bundle of 7 items has been sent! ENJOY! :smiley:

is there any possiblities MFT token moved from Enjin Platform to CryptoFights Platform ?

I like having the original set on the Enjin Platform

but its separated from the drops… :grimacing: