Cary startup Kronoverse partners with esports giant ESL to scale its blockchain game

Kronoverse, a Cary-based startup developing a platform by the same name and a 3D role-playing game called CryptoFights, is getting ready to scale.

This week, it has announced a partnership with one of the the world’s largest esports companies ESL to help develop its game and platform.

“ESL knows what it takes to succeed in the ever-growing esports industry as the oldest and most successful esports company in the world,” said Adam Kling, CEO and founder of Kronoverse, in a statement. “We’re confident our partnership with ESL will enable us to fully develop the Kronoverse platform. This includes everything from attracting more indie game developers to solving problems in competitive gaming such as cheating.”

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This is big! We follow Kronoverse since they one, and we are amazed by what you guys do! Thumbs up!

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Thank you so much for the support! :100: