CryptoFights Beta Testing Period #2

We will be having another beta testing period starting January 27th and running to January 31st. You will need to register on this forum and then request entry into the beta testing group on this forum.

  1. Register on forum: Click sign up on the top
  2. Apply to the beta testing group:
  3. Once approved for the testing group, you will have access to the APK to download and install on your android device.

Expected improvements:

  • Backend and matchmaking substantially improved. Should have fluid matchmaking and full matches this time.
  • New arena for bot matches in case there is no one in queue.
  • New tutorial sequences to learn more about the game.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements in the game.

More information will be posted in the beta testing group.

Thanks and see you in the arena!


Does anyone have the link to download the APK for Beta 2

the APK download url will be posted when the beta starts.

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