CryptoFights Trading Support

Visit - Trading fee is 10ENJ per item

Instructions on how to use CryptoFights ERC-1155 Trading site can be found below:

  1. You will need a desktop computer with metamask browser plugin installed ( Currently we do not have the formatting for a mobile dapp browser. So please use a desktop PC/MAC to perform the trades. Chrome is preferred but will also work with firefox.

  2. You can not import your enjin wallet into metamask unfortunately but you can import your metamask wallet into enjin wallet. If you do not already have a metamask wallet account please create one and write down your seed words. You can then create a new wallet in the Enjin wallet and transfer items over to that new wallet. Then they will be automatically show when you start trading on the site. If you need anyone to walk you through this simply ask in the channel. Please make sure you backup your seed words on any new wallet you create. This is the last way for you to restore your wallets.

  3. In order to trade ANYTHING you must first do 3 things. On the top right hand side you will see three links. Enable ENJ trading, Enable CryptoItems trading, and Enable Enjin transfer fees. These links will spawn metamask to perform a contract call and only cost a couple of cents in gas fees. Enabling ENJ trading allows the contract to perform trades with your wallet address. Enabling CryptoItems trading allows items to be transfered to another person. Enabling Enjin transfer fees allows those fees to be deducted from your wallet. ENJ transfer fees are on some NFT’s, specifically the multiverse items. After you have enabled all three you should see them flip automatically. You might need to refresh the page if they do not. Sometimes depending on the ethereum network the gas price could cause it to get stuck on the network. Make sure you set them to at least the middle speed option as low gwei like 2-3 gwei can take a long time if the network is congested.

  4. After all three are enabled you are ready to trade. On the right hand side you will see a list of your items as well as your ENJ balance. You will have several options to trade:

  • Items For Sale = These are items that people have already listed to sell for ENJ. If you click “Buy Item” you will be purchasing that item with the set ENJ price. You will see a confirmation screen before the actual metamask popup happens. The metamask transaction is what actually performs the trade.

  • Items Wanted = These are listings for items that people want to purchase in ENJ. They have already set a price they are willing to buy the item and if you own that item you can complete the trade instantly.

  • Item Trading = This is for direct item to item trades. This means you are trading one item for another. An example would be you want to trade an Enjin MFT for a CryptoFights MFT. This does not involve ENJ.

  • My Activity = This is a log of all the trades you have done. You can filter these with the dropdown above.

Creating Trades
To create a trade click the “Create Trade” button located on the top right. You will see a new popup. The “Offering” dropdown is what item you are willing to offer to the other person and the “Asking” is what you want to receive for it. Let’s say you want to sell your Epochrome Sword for 1000 ENJ. You would select the Epochrome Sword in the Offering dropdown and in the asking you would select ENJ and enter 1000.

You can set an expiration for the trade in hours or days. This is to have it active for only a specific amount of time. Below that you can do private trades. This allows you to enter a wallet address that can accept the trade. This means that ONLY that wallet address is allowed to complete the trade with you.

Thats it! Take it for a test run and let us know your thoughts and feedback.

I had an issue last night. I tried to re-enable trading and it said something like contract failed I needed to download the latest version of the wallet. I believe I have the latest version. Maybe I’m missing something.

There is currently an issue with the updated Enjin smart contract. We have not fixed this as the we are devoting resources to game and backend development plus the looming release by Enjin of their marketplace.