Damage types

Today we are going to go over the different damage types in Cryptofights!

Gotta know what type of damage to expect from your opponents and how to counter them.

Damage Types:

There are 10 damage types. Weapons and skills have different damage types. Armors

and skills provide resistance for specific damage types.

Mundane Damage Types:

These are the most common damage types. A weapon’s base damage will always be one

of these. These are the only damage types Fighters will encounter up until level 3 however.

Slashing Swords and other things that cut. Metagame: Most Fighter builds that rely on

strength will deal slashing damage

Piercing Projectiles. Metagame: Most piercing weapons need dexterity to be used effectively

Bludgeoning Mauls, Quarterstaff and the like. Metagame: A bit more niche than the

other 2 mundane damage types.

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