Discord weapons!

We are missing some of your wallet addresses to send the discord weapons to you! Please send me or Brian your wallet address so we can get those sent out to you.


Hey! Here is my address… thanks! 0x23BF07F387c643c01DA2d14e75313DB134fD5540

Weapons were just sent to the Crusader and Strategist ranks.

Got my Strategist Weapon!
Thanks CF Team!

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:fire:Be sure to show your latest discord weapons in our thread for a chance to enter into our raffle for more ENJ prizes!:fire:

Got my new Discord Weapon! Thanks Cryptofights :slight_smile:

The legendary cudgel! Shame about the backing but it’s still pretty damn rare :muscle:

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heres my wallet, 0x795e67Cea58a6191187A9C92D9a58BB37bCc116f

thanks :pray::pray: