Enjin MFT’s use case

Do you think holding an Enjin MFT will give you an edge in your quest for the Monolith?

that’d be cool, provide help for a puzzle etc along with sending holders every multiverse item to use! :wink:

It’d be interesting to see how it develops once they are locked


Yes it will give you big edge


0 edge. I think the ENJ MFT is the most versatile in terms of how the ENJ team may reward it. Very underwhelming thus far.


That’s part of my wishful thinking too. Every multiverse items to Enjin MFT holders.

Can’t wait for the rewards it may bring to us and I hope it may help in the Monolith quest.


It seems to me that it would not give an advantage to have an MFT

Welcome @Sonic.

Prob just bonus items.

Well I wish I had the MFT no matter how many benefits or not !

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Agree with Elvis, so far very its underwhelming. I do think it is a magnet for future multiverse items though. Would be nice if each new game to join the Enjin multiverse supplied an asset to all holders upon entry too.

I hope to receive some kind of asset from every game in the Enjin Multiverse that will help in our quest for the Monolith. :blush:

That would require quite a bit of time but I see it being doable.