Expect to see more company sponsorships in the esports industry in 2020

Thanks to the increasing popularity of esports, well-known companies are starting to get involved as well. Teams of professional gamers are doing deals with major companies that once were only being offered to the best athletes of traditional sports. Some of these high-profile sponsorships of esports teams include companies like:

As more esports teams work with well-known companies, you can expect to see the fan base of esports grow larger than it’s ever been. It won’t be surprising to see more global companies partner with the best gamers in the world due to the reach and influence of professional gamers.

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Remember Audi and Astralis? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this what you’re talking about? https://esportsobserver.com/astralis-audi-fifa-team/

Audi sponsored Astralis Counter Strike Global Offensive team and League of Legends team

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