Game ideas for CryptoFights

What are some ideas for how we can improve the game and add to its mechanics to make it more enjoyable for you guys?


I hope to see an in-game lobby where players can hang out and chat.

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team battles would be fun

We will have a tournament mode for bracketed challenges that will involve many players and large cash prizes.

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cool original soundtrack / backsound

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I think for the long run a lobby would be very practical, a long with a ranking board.

How about building guilds or alliances?

Daily/weekly/seasonal quests would be great. 2v2 or guild v guild battles would be tight. I’d love to see some kind of PvE event too…maybe a giant raid boss with tons of health that everyone works to bring down and you are rewarded based on the damage you inflict over the duration of the event

Not sure how feasible this is and obviously we haven’t seen the game yet… but the ability to do something whilst the other person is attacking or making the battle “fluid”.

Like how War of Crypta are going to do it where you have stamina and can make moves happen as you get enough stamina. It doesn’t rely on a boring pattern of:

Player 1 hits for X
Player 2 hits for Y
Player 1 hits for Z

Maybe allowing you to parry / block / counter attack with certain moves, choose to wait to attack in order ‘build up’ these points that can be used for harder hitting attacks. Perhaps those attacks are less likely to hit because it ‘telegraphs’ the moves etc. Lots of strategy that could be added in that regard

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And with how much your stats are depends on how well you can block or dodge an attack or even tank a hit.

All good points but CryptoFights is going to be a bit more strategic since you will have a lot riding on it. There is only about 10 seconds for you to pick your action in each round that can affect the battle. So watching what your opponent does and coming up with a strategy for each round will be tough. Your opponent will have 3 items equipped all with various stats and properties along with the action they selected. You have to figure out what skill (action) to pick and when to use it also. We think the rounds will be pretty fluid and pretty intense since they will be mini cash tournaments. :slight_smile:

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