Giving away random Enjin multiverse items

To celebrate the soft launch of the Kronoverse community forums I will be giving away random multiverse tokens to the first 50 people who earn the “Promoter” badge. You can earn this badge by going to your user profile and clicking invite and sending emails to your friends to join the forum.

  1. Click the top right avatar of your user.
  2. Click the gear icon to go to preferences.
  3. Click “invites” to invite someone to the forum.
  4. Or click the SHARE icon on this post and select the invite tab.
  5. You must have at least a trust level of 2 before you can invite people to this forum. This is usually replying to 3 topics. Very easy to get.

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Beautiful Interface on my phone! Let’s do it!


I can’t seem to find the Invite button

Go here:

Still no invite button there😢

Ok you have to earn trust level 2 which means you need to reply to at least 3 topics first.

Okay got it :+1:t3:

Sounds good!

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Nice giveaway
Will help you to spread the word

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Sweet! :smile:

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So we need to replay 3 posts to be able to invite?
And where we check our badges?

Yes, you can look in your user profile

Thanks for creating this community forum. Can I host my own giveaways here?


Sure can …

This starts very well! I share with my friends! :wink:


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Nice promo

Boom!!! Realy nice.

okay, lets do this :grin:

How buddy? :thinking: