Giving away random Enjin multiverse items

okay, lets do this :grin:

How buddy? :thinking:

You just need to invite people to the forum to earn the “promoter” badge.

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How to unlock invites?

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Make at least 3 replies on topics.

hmm i’ve made 5 replies (this is 6) but still don’t have the invite option :thinking:

Gotta admit I was a bit against the forum idea but it is a beautiful forum.
Ultimately I think the “success” of the forum in terms of activity is going to be more about the game (when we get a beta is it engaging and makes people want to discuss it) rather than it being a bad place to interact… which is a good thing I guess :slight_smile:


Going to look into this. You gain trust levels by doing these actions.

Agreed. Going to start dropping our updates here to discuss.

@Adam_K Yes, I’ve done that a few days ago but nothing yet.

@Gatzko Yes, the forum is nice

Ok I just adjusted down the amount of forum reading you have to do to gain trust levels. You basically need to enter into topics, read, make replies, etc… It should be a lot easier now.


Promoter achieved!


Invited someone and they accepted/made an account but no Promoter badge…is there a certain number of people we need to invite?

I will contact the support and see why.

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Thank you sir :slight_smile:

You should be welcomed to hopefully


welcome to the forum!

Thanks, appreciate the help

Ok I just found out that the promoter badge is granted once per day. So you will need to wait about 24 hours from when you invite to when you will be granted the badge. Hope that helps.


Promoter badge secured

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