How much should entry fees be?

We are looking for feedback from the community on what kind of entry fees you would be willing to pay for battles? So for example, lets say the lowest tier arena is a $0.50 entry fee and if you win you win $0.80. Another example would be you pay $2 and win $3.20. On the higher end it could be $15 and win $24.

Let us know some examples or thoughts you have with certain price points and any other comments you have.

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1.6 prize to cost ratio for a win is IMO far too low. If i pay $1 and get only $1.6 and the other dude just lost $1, it means you take 20% cut from each game. This is not how you should generate profits. Considering a lot of moves are luck based dice rolls, i’d prefer to play turtles than this :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want people to play, more money should stay in people pockets. You should drain them slowly… IMO 1.9 should be what ppl get. i.e $1.9 reward for $1 game.
Player wise its better to play 100 games with 5% cut than 25 games with 20% cut.
Basic game should not be that expensive.

If you want more users… and i am pretty sure you want to attract many users, who could then trade the weapons and you could collect 10% each sell.
Maybe make a crafting system, where you could combine poor weapons for a chance to roll better one, again for small price or whatever.
Sell cosmetics like path of exile, sell armors, weapons, boots that would make your char look unique.
Allow higher (custom) stakes , take higher cut then maybe.
Allow spectating real time with betting, take cut from that.

Basic game should be cheap, with almost no barrier to entry. Extra stuff can be made more expensive.
50 cents is high as well since fights tend to be short. Maybe 20cents would be more reasonable as a starting price.

just my thoughts


Maybe add both low and high portal
Increasing item drop rate for high portal and low portal as default drop rate

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That already will happen. The higher the tier the more valuable loot you get if you win.

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Great feedback. Thank you!

I meant like have both low risk and high risk for tier 1
Player either choose $0.5 or $2 for tier 1
All tier will have 2 options
$0.50 will match with $0.50 in queue
IE. High risk will have 75% common, 25% poor or 50/50 drop rate and keep 25% Common, 75% poor for low risk as default (Just example for tier 1 only)

(sorry for poor English)

Ahh ok I understand. More options for each tier.

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0.50$ is a lot of money to start . Why not something like 0.025$, so people play more?


Great idea.

Have you considered the entry ticket system instead? Look at how MTG online does it. You can have free game but depending on the type of event, you have to cough up tickets (with the number of tickets determined by the type of event).

This might be more successful I think otherwise you might run into a situation where someone installs it, sees that you have to pay money, tries it once because it supports bsv and the queue times out because there is no one available so they uninstall.


Yes, the entry ticket system is another option. Which system would you personally prefer?

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I would prefer the ticket system indeed :slight_smile: having 10 tickets I already paid can be smoother than paying 10 times an entry fee…
It’s only my opinion ^^

At first to get people attached it could be like a few cents until you reach a certain level. I didn’t like dyinh with one arrow to the head whilst learning. 50c for 3 seconds goes quickly.

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In my opinion, you have to aware what types of audience you are targeting? If 18 years old age & below $0.50c a around most likely discourage them play. As neil mention, a new cryptofight join and paid $0.50c and instantly died with one or two critical arrow is very discouraging them continue to play.

I do think its important to encourage the young one as they can hype it up the game better than older age. Slowly the attention will attract older and professional in?

I suggest the 1st few levels should be price as cheap as possible ($0.02?) to allow newbies to discover more excitement as progression (discussion, tree skills, new weapons, winning bet, friend ranking higher, ego) The higher level then set $0.50 or $1.00 per match? Those who are confident of their winning skills and understand the game well will addicted and continue to play due to factors: incentive $$$ / ego / pride etc and not afraid to pay more.

I also suggest come with a “package $” instead pay per match in the beginning.
Package $1.00 for 20 rounds battle??

As a cryptofight fan, i am so excited for it and i think its all good. Kronoverse Cryptofight work! BSV work!

But something is not right to make me stay on the game longer. Question yourself and your friends and co worker will they continue stay longer to play? If you can’t pass this, i not sure outside crypto circle gamer will.

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I think a F2P model with a secondary tier of pay ticketed tournament/matches is the way to go. You don’t need to log onchain free games, just the pay ones. That way you can launch worldwide off the bat while limiting tournaments to countries where you can do so legally.

Battle games are the hardest to scale because there isn’t a single player mode where you can keep people clicking. Which is why most mobile games have a phony battle level where the computer plays as the other player. You should consider that for free levels.

Nvm,I thought tier 1 limited for lvl 1-2 only