How will you develop your fighter?

In CryptoFights, you can develop your fighter to better suit your fighting style. How you develop your fighter depends on you which Ability Score you choose to focus on: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence.

If you want to create a stealth assassin, you can do that. The same goes if you want a fighter who can control ice, fire, and all earthly powers.

Here’s a recent screenshot of the CryptoFights Skill Tree which helps you track your fighter’s abilities!

What type of fighter do you want to create?

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Shock with fast attacks :facepunch: :dagger:


Electricity plus speed is a dangerous combo!

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Will you be able to change your skills/ reset your skill tree? What if i feel i made wrong choice or decide to switch from fire to ice? Will i need to create a new character or how is that going to look?

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moves will be recorded to a mock chain (a private test net).
You can create a new fighter to start fresh within the same game, so you can have multiple fighters. You will not be able to go back and reset any skills or skill rebalance.