Kronoverse and CryptoFights’ CEO & Founder Adam Kling in an Exclusive Interview with CryptoNewsZ

In an interview with CryptoNewsZ, Kronoverse/CryptoFights CEO & Founder Adam Kling shares a bit of his journey in starting Kronoverse and his vision for Kronoverse and the future of esports.

Here’s Adam’s answer on what Kronoverse is doing to solve current problems in the esports industry:

How is Kronoverse platform solving the existing problems surrounding legacy gaming and eSports?

  1. The Kronoverse platform has a vision where games are no longer completely closed source. We think there is a new hybrid solution.
  2. We can split up the game into the server, game rules + mechanics, and the game client.
  3. Game Rules & Mechanics: Taking the code or math of how your player interacts with the game and making that a signed transaction on the blockchain enables a way to ensure that all players and even the game developers can not tamper with the gameplay.
  4. Game Client: The game client can be a closed source frontend for operating within the game rules that are publicly signed and accessible for anyone to audit or review. This would be the game developers’ proprietary intellectual property. Think of the art, 3d models, sounds, video, UI/UX, etc.
  5. Server: The server that essentially operates the game and decides the outcome should operate in the public eye. The Kronoverse platform actually replaces the networking of legacy games with a transaction model for all game events. In other words, when you make a move in a game, it’s now a public blockchain transaction that can never be altered by anyone using the game rules & mechanics also stored on the blockchain. All moves are mathematically tied to each other similar to a blockchain hash chain. This makes games operate in a new way that makes it more transparent to both the game developers, players, and spectators.
  6. Games should be fun, but competitive gaming should be exciting. Money separates games for fun and professional gamers. Tournaments and matches should have cash prizes. Everyone from rookies to veterans should have their share of prize money, not just the world cups and from the comfort of their home.
  7. Cheating and fraud should have risk. Players will be screened via know your customer and anti-money laundering. So if you cheat or commit fraud, you will be leaving an evidence trail and will eventually be caught by someone watching including gaming regulators. This creates a serious gaming industry where the stakes are much higher and extremely profitable.

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