Kronoverse leaves Enjin to use Bitcoin SV solution for storing in-game items

After relying on Enjin to define items within CryptoFights, Kronoverse has decided to leave Enjin to use its custom Bitcoin SV (BSV) solution for building in-game items. This decision will greatly benefit Kronoverse users who want a reliable system to buy, sell, and trade gear.

What does this mean for existing holders of Enjin items?
If you’ve already purchased CryptoFights in-game items, you don’t need to worry. All of your Enjin-based pre-release items will be honored but these tokens will serve as a claim check for BSV tokens. To make this possible, we’re releasing a conversion smart contract in a few months which gives users the ability to melt Enjin items, keep the stored ENJ, and receive an equivalent item usable in CryptoFights.

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My opinion and view

Kronoverse cryptofight leaves Enjin to use bitcoinsv because of the big vision gaming ahead.

With the stable and proven scalability blockchain, Idea gaming such like “ready player one” concept is a possibility now.

I get to know about Enjin through cryptofight. Enjin community is great and has many loyal fan. Enjin is the one and only ethereum project that I like. The wallet enjin is cool too.

Unfortunately enjin using ethereum which has scaling issue and gas fee transactions is expensive. Understandable that ethereum is trying to solve the scalability by exploring layer 2 systems like plasma, sharding…

I am not technical person but i understand by exploring something not proven yet technology. It is similar to experimenting a hobby project. By introducing new scaling solutions, a new undiscovered problem will appear and one after another. Therefore many factors could go wrong in future.

Bitcoin SV blockchain has proven it is cheaper, quicker and has more capacity to make the futuristic game vision possible. Therefore Kronoverse cryptofight need a reliable and proven scalability.

I love Enjin too and I trade and own alot of cryptofight items. I own nearly all legendary / epic weapon.

I follow up closely Kronoverse cryptofight and I believe their team stand the best chance to bring blockchain gaming to new height especially. Added the advantage of partnership with ESL Esports gaming. :grin:


Thanks for sharing! We appreciate your support!

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