Monolith Quest

The Monolith was the first ever minted ERC-1155 token and infused with over 1 million ENJ. It’s the reward for finishing the Main Multiverse Quest.

Work together to decipher clues, collect easter eggs and solve puzzles in the upcoming quest


This quest is what I’m most excited about. I hope it starts soon. (Or has it already started?)

Do you think we need to finish all the games in the Multiverse in order to get a shot on the Monolith?

It is difficult to speculate just yet! I’m hoping it will involve working together as a community to unlock it - don’t forget ‘the horn’ prize too backed by half a million ENJ up for grabs in their tradesmith game :open_mouth:

Really hoping it involves gameplay more than rummaging through a ton of stuff outside of these games

Wow well it may take a lot of people working together to get it?

It may. But I think it should be doable by a single person. It just really depends on the time commitment and how difficult things will be. If its easy over several tasks, a group will be faster for example.

I think you would know more than me, it looked like maybe a lot of quests and searching out clues, surely possible alone, (but it could be fun woth a group of friends), and with a prize big enough to split?

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this mysterious quest, and imho, if someone get the monolith, it will be the end of Enjin.

The only concrete clue we have so far is this [comic book](“Announcing the Main Multiverse Quest” de Ilija Rolović to create the Horn to “summon brethren in a final battle to conquer a distant moon”.

The tradesmith quest is supposed to start in 2019, so before the end of the year we will know what to do to get it, but what is the moon they are talking about ?
If it’s the Enjin Moon, well, it will be the end of this project as we know it but their comic will be true : they will remain the ancient creators and the gaming universe won’t need them anymore ^^

Atm, I think we’re still in the first part of the story : the bear is still fighting against the bull… :eyes:

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