The 1st three damage types you'll you deal with in CryptoFights

The first three damage types you’ll encounter in CryptoFights are known as mundane damage types. Here they are:

  1. Slashing: This damage type involves swords and other weapons that cut. One thing you should understand is that most fighter builds that rely on strength will deal slashing damage.
  2. Piercing: Fighters who use projectiles use this damage type. To be effective with piercing weapons, you need to invest in dexterity. Investing in your fighter’s dexterity helps you move quickly and with precision.
  3. Bludgeoning: If you use bludgeoning weapons, this means you’re using weapons such as mauls and quarterstaffs. Bludgeoning attacks are effective when delivered by strong fighters.

Which damage types are your favorite to use in CryptoFights?