The CryptoFights Skill Tree has been revamped

Check out the newly revamped CryptoFights Skill Tree!

The red section is Strength, the blue section is Intelligence, and the green section is Dexterity. Here’s the previous version for the Skill Tree so you can see the differences.

How you customize your fighter is completely up to you and play style! What type of fighter are you envisioning?

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The skill tree looks nice! Do you guys expect to generate more daily tx on the blockchain than WeatherSV or Preev during the open Beta?

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We’ll have more information coming soon!

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No I don’t think so.

It won’t be higher than weather / preev.

But it will attract different group of user interest and expose awareness of blockchain bsv work well flawlessly without hiccup.

The price money incentives will further encourage user to continuous play cryptofight.
A different group type of user will be attracted to play cryptofight game. That group user is more valuable than those user in weathersv and preev.

*A scenario if cryptofight game live up to everyone expectation. =)