Welcome Beta Testers

Hello everyone. We welcome you as our first beta testers for important feedback before we open this up to more people.

We are limiting access to a waiting list to control the rate of growth to the userbase to make sure things are stable and delivering high-quality service.

Please submit your email to this form to be added to our waiting list where we will email you the link to access the APK.

You can install that on your android or use the bluestacks emulator on your pc/mac.
Please note: This is on BSV TESTNET and you can fund your wallet with a click of a button.

Please submit your gameplay and feedback here: https://forms.clickup.com/f/25uc7-2598/2OUPQ35ORMDM7LL4I2

Please submit your bug reports here: https://forms.clickup.com/f/25uc7-2591/RIU4LJPC8Q8KVMLLZS

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