What do you think about cash prizes for CryptoFights 1vs1 battles?

This will ignite the competitive nature inside everyone of us. :sunglasses:

I don’t like cash :))

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What if it’s in crypto?

I dont like cash but I do like money :wink:

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Crypto is good! :ok_hand:

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I think most people like the idea of making money playing a game!
The main question is really going to be how to make the game skill based (with a bit of luck) enough that it is possible without essentially just being gambling.


Yep, we got that covered. Going to be pretty awesome.


To expand more on this… You will start as a level 1 and will need to enter a cash tournament starting at .50 per battle. Here is what happens:

  • If you win, the prize pool is $.80 thus profiting from the match.
  • You gain XP for winning the battle
  • A loot drop happens. The chance on what you get is determined by what arena you are fighting in. Lower level arenas are more likely to drop commons vs. legendary while higher level arenas the loot drop chances increase in your favor.
  • As you level up you gain ability points to increase your fighters power and thus unlocking new skills to use in battle. This allows you to fight higher level players.
  • You unlock higher level arenas where the tournaments can have higher stakes and thus higher cash prizes.
  • You can deposit or cash out via credit card, debit card, or crypto.

What would you like to see in these tournaments? 10 player tournaments? 100 player tournaments with prize pools of $450 each? Bigger? $10k prize pools?

Note: We will start roll out in the USA first and expand to new countries after launch.

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You can always use dai? I have won a few dai in some crypto tourneys :+1:

I’m not that interested in cash prizes when playing games. I like in game exclusive content, skins, hats, pets and banners.

Thats something the devs are definitely in talks in.

In my mind, best to win crypto or items backed with crypto. Rarity gives value too above and beyond the monetary backing, but prizes definitely drive competition and desire to play. I still note that any idea of chance in the game along with monetary rewards can push the game into a gambling category for legislative reasons. Pure skill is fine though. Great to see everything progressing :v::crossed_swords:


Cash prices should be moderate with more emphasis on player development through skills and experience.

As in how they effectively took out an opponent?

Yea with some rewards in experience gained as well.

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What about a small prize to the loser while the winner gets a bigger prize plus a chance to fight in a higher bracket and earn bigger prizes?

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Sounds fair enough to give the loser some motivation for improvement. :sweat_smile:

There is going to be both cash prizes and a heavy player development process through our skill tree and hero configuration that you use. For example, lets say you want to be more critical hit and high evasion. You would need to equip the right weapons and armor that fit that fight style plus get the right skills for that. You will also only be able to bring 3 skills into battle so you would need to pick the right ones. More detailed information will come soon regarding this in a wiki here.

Money and gaming is like puting your hand in to a glove… they where made for each other!

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Makes gaming more fun!