What's holding blockchain gaming back from becoming more mainstream?

The video game industry has been growing over the last few decades thanks to the spread of mainstream video gaming.

Competitive professional gaming aka esports has grown so big that the number of fans rivals the size of traditional professional sports fan bases such as the NBA, the NFL, and the MLB. Within esports, there are different types of gaming platforms such as PC games, XBOX games, and PS4 games. However, there is one type of gaming that isn’t mainstream within the esports industry and that is blockchain gaming. Why isn’t blockchain gaming more mainstream? Here are a few possible reasons why more people aren’t playing blockchain games:

  • Lack of education about blockchain technology

  • Misunderstanding of cryptocurrency

  • Current market share size of traditional video games

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Why do you think blockchain games aren’t more mainstream? How long do you think it’ll take before blockchain games becomes mainstream?