Whats New!

We heard your feedback loud and clear during the first beta testing in December and are very thankful to everyone that submitted bugs in the forum and on Telegram! To show you that we’ve been listening to the players of CryptoFights and paying attention to your feedback, we’re giving you a clear changelog of all the issues that have been fixed and all the things that have been improved in January. We’ve worked extra hard to fix all the important bugs and make sure the game is stable, and we’re very excited to share all these new changes with you!

Here is a list of everything we’ve addressed and improved since the last time, in order of priority:

Sudden Defeat/Victory & Timeout bugs fixed - players should not experience any timeout issues and sudden defeat or victory screens anymore. If an opponent cannot be found within 1 minute, your search will simply be cancelled and you will have the option to search again. We also heard everyone reporting the loading screen draining up a lot of battery power and making your devices heat up with no option to exit it or stop the queue search - you will no longer be taken to the loading screen and you will have the option to cancel your search for an opponent at any time by pressing ‘cancel’ on the bottom left of the screen:

Level up and $0.00 cash bugs fixed - Players that experienced empty XP bars and empty game balances last time should not have that issue anymore. The XP and balance will update faster,without you having to restart the game, and should now show the accurate amount of XP and cash you have at all times. Let us know if you are still having an issue with XP not being rewarded to you or you experience any loss of cash/XP during testing

Power Attack bug fixed - last time using this skill in game was causing the game to crash, we’ve identified the cause of this and are now happy to report that Power Attack works just fine and you can safely unlock & use that skill.

Better indicators for Critical Hits - many of you were confused on why you were dying from a single hit or not sure when you were making a crit hit or a regular one - whenever you perform a critical hit, the opponent’s health bar will flash blue for a moment before the damage is taken out and you will notice taking much more damage than from a regular hit. If you receive a hit yourself, the damage you’ve taken will also appear blue on your health bar

You can now play against bots at lvl 1 - Bots are available to play with on the first battleground when your fighter is at level 1, if real opponents cannot be found at the time. A real opponent is being searched for first and if nobody is around you are put up against a bot.

Note: At level 2 you will only be put up against other real players, so if you are having trouble finding anyone you can always make a new character and play at level 1 for as much as you want.

NPC Tutorial battle added - Bram the Brave is going to be there and guide you the first time you start up the game and go into battle, and will also help you equip your first weapon, level up, or go into battlegrounds. Many of you asked for a tutorial because you were confused about some things & we hope that this onboarding part of the game will be helpful - We are looking for ways to improve the tutorial experience, so we would love suggestions on what else you think should be added, or anything that is still confusing!

Quests/achievements added - You can now play for an objective and will get a notification when you complete it! We’re planning to introduce quests & ways to reward players for completing certain requirements, since this will help us in the future with setting up a tournament system. At this first iteration, you will see an achievement pop up on the bottom right side of the screen whenever you complete a Quest, and you can select which quest you want to play by going to the Quest Stone on the world map.

Updated and optimized battlegrounds & fighter models - We are always working on improving the look of the game, without affecting the performance negatively, and many of you reported battery issues and crashes last time. That’s why we focused on finding the issue and fixing it ASAP for the next testing: we reworked many of our 3d resources from the ground up, such as all 3 battlegrounds arenas and the elf and dwarf races! We also got one complaint that the female characters don’t look too great : ) We improved both genders for the elf and dwarf to make them look a bit more magical & true to the world of CryptoFights and will also offer more races and customization options soon. Let us guys know what you think about the new models and environments!

And here is a list of the things we are still working on - they might become available during the testing period, or will be available at the next phase of the game:

Saving your progress across updates & reinstalls - You will be able to create a Kronoverse ID that will help save your characters across .apk updates & new game versions! We are still working on this one, but it will bring the ability to be signed into our system independently from the app in the browser so that you can save your progress and characters and not have to make new ones each time a new .apk version comes out. We know it sucks to lose your progress just when you’ve found a great build, so we are working hard on offering everyone a way to save your progress on CryptoFights.

Match URL sharing - We’re focusing hard on offering players the ability to replay past battles not only inside the game, but also in the browser! You will also have the option to share that link on social media to show off your great battle skills to your friends. A replay of the battle will be shown as a playable video, along with a combat log and stats for both fighters. This will also help us in fixing bugs and identifying issues - if you have a match that goes wrong or something unexpected happens, you will be able to contact us with a replay link and we will be able to see exactly what happened, recreate and solve the issue much faster

Interactive 3d world map - We want to offer players a really immersive experience in the world of CryptoFights. At a later iteration of the game your character that’s currently located on the world map will be able to go around the map and visit the various buildings and talk to NPCs there. Who knows, you might even be able to see other players in real time on the world map

…And much more! - What else are we working on? Many other things to improve gameplay are being worked on under the hood. We’re always open to suggestions on what you think the next CryptoFights feature or improvement should be, so don’t hesitate to leave your feedback here in the forum or on Telegram about what you think we should focus on next!