Where do you see the esports industry in 10 years with how it handles cheating? - ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith

ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith shared his thoughts on the future of esports and how the esports industry will deal with cheating:

“…I think it will get harder and harder to cheat to win as long as new games learn best practice in anti-cheat from old games because it seems unlikely that esports will be played in 10 years with the same games being played today. On the match-fixing front, a number of factors ought to have improved to mean it is far harder to get away with. First better regulation globally of sports betting, with a more joined up approach between jurisdictions worldwide. The fact is that good regulation and enforcement in China and the CIS region would cut match-fixing by 80% overnight and I hope that that takes less than a decade, but I’m not optimistic. I do think suspicious and unusual bet monitoring would have improved and will be more coordinated so that real time detection of attempted fixes occurs and can be stopped. These things apply to all sports betting – because esports is digital and data driven, it should adapt more easily to dealing with cheating because the evidence is objective, rather than subjective as it often is in traditional sports. Where esports currently suffers is the lack of a governing body or central authority to create and enforce high standards, so I hope ESIC can fill that void as far as competitive integrity is concerned over the next decade. I try to have us think like a good ancestor!”

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